Training Methods

At South Paw, we believe in a “no force” approach to training. We teach owners to train their dogs using positive reinforcement or clicker training.

Positive reinforcement is based on the premise that rewarded behavior is repeated. We use a clicker device to produce a sound, to mark the behavior we want. We find that the clicker is distinct and consistent, and the timing is more accurate than our voice. The clicker is a secondary reinforcer that is paired with a primary reinforcer (something the dog naturally likes; food, play, toy or praise). By clicking a behavior we are giving the dog information “I liked that” and you’re going to be rewarded for it! Consequently, the dog will repeat the behavior again to get rewarded (rewards are slowly faded as training progresses).

Instead of forcing your dog to do behaviors with traditional methods (squishing, choking or pulling), you are setting up a win/win situation. Positive reward training helps build a strong trusting relationship with your dog. It also helps make your dog a happy, confident and obedient pooch!

Available Classes

Raising Rover

2 Hour Seminar – No Dogs Please
Puppies less than 12 weeks old

Early training and socialization takes place before puppies are old enough to attend a group training class. The Raising Rover seminar was developed to help prepare you for this critical period in your puppy’s life.

Cost: $50


This Seminar will cover:

  • Rules and regulations around the house
  • Introducing your dog to a crate
  • Socialization
  • Handling and care
  • Fun and games for people and dogs
  • Chew training
  • Guarding issues
  • Separation anxiety
  • Canine communication
  • Bite inhibition
  • House training
  • The Name Game
  • Getting rid of common undesirable behaviors

Coaching your Canine

Basic Training
6 Week Class
New classes begin each month, call for our next available starting date
The first class will meet without dogs

In this introductory class you will learn how to effectively teach your dog basic control behaviors and develop skills to prevent or correct undesirable behaviors.

Cost: $150


This class will cover:

  • How to introduce the clicker
  • Operant & Classical conditioning
  • How to get rid of/prevent undesirable behavior
  • What you’ll need and where to go
  • How to greet others and how NOT to jump
  • Teaching “Go To Your SPOT” (Go to your Bed)
  • Cues, releases, non-reward markers and keep going signals
  • How to get a behavior
  • How to work with distractions
  • Reinforcement schedules
  • The Name Game
  • “Off” – Doggie Zen
  • Get your dog to “Relax”
  • Behaviors – Sit, Down, Come, Stay and Walk on leash without pulling

Continuing Education

Drop in class: Monday at 6:30 PM
Prerequisite – Coaching Your Canine or equivalent level of training

This class is an intermediate training class that primarily focuses on the skills needed to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen and AKC Community Canine test. Because some skills will be more difficult for some dogs and may require additional time and practice to pass the test, we offer this class ongoing so you can come as often and for as many weeks as you’d like.

Cost: $10 per Class


This class will cover:

  • Introducing Heel position
  • Remote rewarding
  • Group stays
  • Handling by others
  • Working around distractions
  • Formal recalls
  • Working around other Dogs
  • Real world “off”
  • Proofing stays
  • Raising criteria on stays
  • Position changes at a distance

Suggested Equipment:

  • 6 foot leash
  • Reinforcements for your dog (treats, toys)
  • Long leash or long line (30+ feet)

Competitive Obedience Practice Night

Drop in class: Thursday at 6:30 PM
Prerequisite – Continuing Education

Competitive Obedience class will cover AKC Rally and Obedience.

Cost: $10 per Class

Suggested Equipment:

  • 6 foot leash
  • Reinforcements for your dog (treats, toys)
  • Mat for down stay
  • Platform for Sit/Stand
  • Paw target for pivots
  • Items to retrieve (toy, competition dumbbell, gloves)
  • Target for go outs
  • Items for scent discrimination
  • Training Bag (To keep all your stuff in)

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